Ways of Creating Differences Together

The Map of tomorrow is the perfect tool for an interactive education for sustainable developement (ESD). Here we share our basic concepts, how we create spaces for deep transformation.

5 Steps towards a successful workshop

This grafic describes the 5 important steps that need to be part of every workshop.

How does that look for a one day Mapping workshop?

Here is a concrete example, how the schema above is used in the Map of tomorrow workshop:

The three levels of true connection is the basic art of creating rooms for development. At Ideen³ we focus an these three levels and us our intruments, intensions and improvisation wisly during the workshop.

With more time, transformation goes deeper

More time can create deeper understanding and transformation. Ether it is like a workcamp for one week or even better as one day per week as a voluntarly project at school.

Materials to download

German description about the five steps: