Sustainability Maps for all Universities

Campaign: Map your city by October

Goal: By October 2019, we want to have all initiatives and sustainable companies mapped in all 80 unique cities in Germany.

In doing so, we want to give more visibility to the diverse small changing shops and groups that often perish in the commercial cityscape.

  • Why all university cities? Because only then do national media and study information pages report on it and really learn about it all the first geniuses, even outside the eco bubble.
  • But that already exists in some cities!? Yes, where it makes sense, we cooperate. But on the one hand, such maps are partly outdated and on the other hand on island maps, which are hardly known. The map of tomorrow offers free open source alternatives and is currently building interfaces with Wechange and many other platforms. We also have a wiki approach, and since any R can update outdated entries, it is assured that the map is always up-to-date.
  • Surely that’s mega a lot? Yes, but we are also mega many! Network-n alone has 500 groups and projects in all UniCities and the Transition-Town network, Pioneers of Change (A) and many BUND youth groups are on the boat. And 23 cities have already demonstrated it and are mapped-of which Mannheim, Darmstadt and Neukölln already have paper maps.

In your city, there is no map of tomorrow yet? Then be there, because

  • You are doing something very effective and sustainable with your initiative and creating a cool, everyday contribution for the Erstia weeks.
  • Your initiative will become known and relevant beyond the university, which will lead not only to the mayor, but to many who want to get involved with you.
  • Your university lives up to its responsibility towards its stakeholders for sustainable development (er).

We support you:

  • Through a free and clear mapping platform
  • Through technical, methodical, content advice and embedding your card on your website
  • And help create paper cards and finance printing costs

Join in now! Or email us

The following regional pilots are already there!